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Qimeng Animal Kingdom, a small town of Water City and Three Kingdoms, started trial operation today, and will hold special opening activities in the New Year. There are 15 themed animal parks and animal performance theaters, including Lion and Tiger Mountain, Bird Garden, Peacock Garden, Swan Lake, Crocodile Pond and Deer Garden Covering more than 60 species of animals, primates, pets, birds and so on.
The Three Kingdoms, where people are on the water and the city reflects the water, allow you to travel across the river in one day and experience the wind and moon of the ages in one day.
Watertown · Three Kingdoms Town will be built into a cultural tourism scenic spot with full functions, full business forms, all-weather and all tourists. Including The Three Kingdoms Film and Television base, the History and Culture Museum of The Three Kingdoms, the Royal Hot Spring and health club, the large-scale live-action performance built with heavy investment, the five-star immersive cinema